What are the Best Family-Friendly Activities in Memphis?
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What are the Best Family-Friendly Activities in Memphis?

Tennessee is a popular tourist destination for many road-trippers and adventurers. There’s a ton of musical culture and influence in Tennesee and it’s truly part of the draw. But it’s not the ONLY fun to be had in Memphis. And if you decide to bring your family along, we want to make sure there’s plenty for the whole family to do.

Pink Palace Mansion

If you’re someone who is looking for a central location that offers all of the fun, the Pink Palace Mansion Museum is precisely that. It is a centralized location for all things Tennessee and southern living. They are always changing up their exhibits. Some are examples of the history of the south with its tumultuous reputation during the Civil War. Some show relics from prehistoric eras or the centuries of inhabitance by the Native Americans of the area.

You can also visit historic Victorian homes that are part of the museum such as the Mallory-Neely House. This is an example of the wealth and elegance of southern living, built in 1852 and renovated several times over to maintain its historical structure. The Magevney House is another example of pre-civil-war living but for those who were considered middle class. Eugene Magevney was an Irish immigrant that settled in Memphis in the 1830s.

For those looking for more of an interactive experience, or something they can simply sit back and learn about, the theater or planetarium are great options. Families of all types enjoy catching the newest installation of educational films. As of the writing of this, they are currently showing Serengheti 3D. Showing the parts of African wildlife that are rarely seen by humans. 

The Children’s Museum of Memphis

If you’re looking to continue the fun and education, head on over to the Children’s Museum of Memphis. They have interactive and engaging exhibits based on science, history, and art. During the year they have several featured exhibits that are usually themed and immersive. This year their biggest so far is the Cirque du CMOM. This is a fundraising exhibit curated around the amazing world of Alice in Wonderland.

While you’re busy looking at new places to live and Memphis houses for sale, you may be concerned with providing your family with fun yet affordable experiences. At the Children’s Museum of Memphis, you can expect to pay $15 a person, no matter the age. If they are under one year old, they get in for free. Finding affordable entertainment is a vital part of vacationing or moving to a new location. 

Parents enjoy that the museum offers programs and events that help to expand their child’s creative side. Whether they want to be involved in sensory play, hang out in the art studio, or visit Story Time in the Role Play Theater – you’re kids are destined to learn and enjoy themselves while doing so. Additionally, there are options for memberships for those who plan to make multiple visits throughout the year or have more than one child who needs entertainment. 

America’s Incredible Pizza Company

With a name such as that, you can bet you’re in store for an awesome experience. This family-friendly entertainment zone comes equipped with an arcade, laser tag, go-karts, and an all-you-can-eat buffet. Not only is all of that appealing to children of all ages, but it’s also pretty appealing to adults of all ages as well. We know we love ourselves some laps go-karting. 

A popular place for birthday parties and other events, you can stop in here on any given day and expect to see tons of smiling faces running around and enjoying every moment of the Pizza Company. This is actually a chain of entertainment venues that have several locations around the U.S. We recommend searching it up regardless of what city you’re in. You never know how much you may need to play games and eat pizza with your family.

Although these are only a few of the many fun things to do as a family, we hope they become some of your favorites! There are tons more to learn and enjoy in Memphis and we encourage you all to check it out firsthand. 


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