How to Pack a Moving Truck and Tips to Make the Process Less Annoying

How to Pack a Moving Truck and Tips to Make the Process Less Annoying

Sometimes moving can be stressful, especially when moving the whole house on short notice. How you want to transport your items is upon you, and you may choose to do it alone or hire a moving company. If you decide to do it yourself, you will need to rent a moving truck from a good company like Lawrence Moving. Renting a truck is a great option if you have the time to pack and drive yourself. However, that means you will also need to do the loading. You must pack your items in the truck correctly to ensure they will reach the destination safely. Here is how to load a moving truck without making it annoying.

Choose the Right Size of Truck

The first and most crucial thing when packing a truck is choosing the right size. The size of truck you choose will depend on our stuff. Avoid picking a vehicle that is too small to accommodate your belongings. Even though a smaller truck is cheaper, you might have to make several trips if it cannot fit all the items. So, evaluate your belonging to ensure you pick the right size.

Use Packing Boxes

Loading the truck will be easy and smooth if you use packing boxes and other supplies. So, before the moving day, gather supplies like tape, plastic wrap, boxes, moving blankets, and everything else you think will be useful. You can bring trash bags to keep your pillows so that they don’t catch dust and a mattress bag for the mattress.

Take Furniture Apart

Some items like large furniture may not fit in the truck or occupy a large space. So, save room by disassembling them if possible. Disassemble the bed b removing the headboard and the legs. Do the same for the dining table, dresser and desks. It will be easy to load and pack, using less space.

Load the Heavy Items First

During loading, please start with the heavy items, so they don’t damage the others. Load the furniture and other large items like the dishwasher, washing machine, and anything else at the base of the truck so that the delicate items will be at the top.

Place Furniture and Tables Upright

To make it easy to pack and avoid damaging items, keep items like the couch, tables, chairs, and headboards upright. Make sure you also place blankets around the items for extra protection. This will prevent damage to your large items and protect the smaller ones from getting crushed during transportation.

Ensure Even Weight Distribution

When loading the truck, ensure the weight is evenly distributed from the back to the front. It will make it safe when transporting and unloading the items. Keep the heavy ones against the walls and at the bottom and the lighter ones on top.

Pack Tight

Ensure there will be no space between the items by packing tightly. It will prevent shifting during transportation when the truck moves or stops abruptly. You can use blankets or rugs to fill the spaces.

Use Moving Straps

You can also secure the items with straps to prevent shifting. Do it in sections to ensure effectiveness. Make sure you also strap the boxes to hold them together during transit.

Final Words

If you have chosen a DIY move, these are simple ways of packing the truck to ensure the safety of your items. Make sure you get the right truck size to accommodate your things and follow the rest of the steps.


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